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Near Aflao. Volta

Near Aflao, Volta

Asemkow fishermen

Mole National Park

Near Aflao, Volta




All visitors entering Ghana must have valid entry  visas or, in the case of Commonwealth nationals, entry permits, issued by a Ghana diplomatic mission or consulate abroad or any other visa issuing authority mandated by the Ghana Government to act on its behalf

Any  visa will give you an absolute minimum stay of 60 days.

 For the UK and Ireland it’s best to go online to the Ghana High Commission website [ Highgate branch] ,click on visa applications and fill in the form on line. Print it and post it by special delivery with the required documents, 2 passport photos, passport and appropriate fee paid in a postal order .  Allow at least 2 weeks for the process to be completed.

For US citizens:-

For Canadian citizens:-

  ANY PROBLEMS- just email or call 0044[0]1837880269 or 0044[0]7919866860.


Health and Travel Insurance is compulsory  on our tours.

All visitors require a Yellow Fever inoculation certificate.  A typhoid inoculation is not mandatory but advisable.   You are also strongly advised to consult your GP about malaria protection. Be sure to bring a strong mosquito repellent which includes at least 50% diethyl tryptamide [DEET], easily obtainable from chemists.  Once in Ghana I always buy locally   the WHO recommended malaria self- treatment course of medication, ARTEMETHER and LUMEFANTRINE,10 times cheaper in Ghana pharmacies than in Europe!

The temperature in Ghana is of course tropical – but it’s not Singapore or the Persian Gulf. Daytime temperatures rarely top 32 degrees, varying daily and go down to the mid or low 20s at night. BUT in the south near the ocean,  it’s humid, you sweat  lot and you need to carry water bottles [ONLY TREATED MINERAL WATER-  as NO tap water is safe unless chemically treated and boiled]when you walk about as dehydration is a distinct threat.  You should wear well - made sandals for every day excursions, trainers for bush walking and flip flops to hang out in general. Shorts and T shirts, sundresses for  daytime  but long trousers in the evening. Remember that mosquitoes only bite after dark – so you MUST spray your exposed body parts daily at dusk, particularly feet since mosquitoes  tend to lurk under tables and chairs.

Local medical treatment in certain Accra , Kumasi and Cape Coast hospitals is very good- but outside  cities not as available as one would wish.  We recommend health insurance but bear in mind that private medical care in Ghana is extraordinarily inexpensive! In seven years your guide has experienced a few occasions when he has been treated for various ailments- much to his satisfaction and with little damage to his pocket.


‘It is difficult to imagine a country where women have less to fear on a gender specific level, and women travelling alone will often find themselves the subject of great kindness from the strangers who want to see that they are safe.’  (Bradt’s Ghana guide 2010)

Isabel, who volunteered a few years ago in an Accra hospital , endorses the above statement.  On the other hand she received almost daily offers of marriage from men she had only known for a few minutes!!  These offers are easily declined, she says, by saying you are engaged or indeed that your husband or fiancé is somewhere around. She never felt in any way threatened – and this goes for most of the European women I have personally met in my trips around the country.  


Although your tour guide will meet all JONKANOO clients at the airport, we cannot at this point arrange flights ourselves.  

However . . .from the UK or European continent – or [ to a more limited extent]North America, there are numerous daily or frequent flights to Accra, Ghana’s only international airport.  Direct flights take 6 hours 30 mins. But we recommend you compare prices, either from reputable travel agents or online and check out the following airlines: BRITISH AIRWAYS , VIRGIN ATLANTIC, KLM, LUFTHANSA, EMIRATES, TURKISH – and others!  But B.A. and Virgin Atlantic fly direct in 6 hrs 30 mins.


Visa card withdrawals in local currency can be made from cash machines[ATMs] all over the country, even smaller towns. AMEX travellers cheques are acceptable here and there but Thomas Cook less so!   Maestro cards can be used at certain banks but Mastercard is less well known.  However, card payment is very unusual in all but the most upmarket restaurants, hotels and shops so it’s a good idea to change foreign into local currency at the airport when you arrive in the baggage retrieval area. Just beyond Immigration control a bureau de change provides  very good rates of exchange. And there are plenty of FOREX bureaus elsewhere around the country.


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